Painting pretty


Information regarding portrait requests and pricing

Thank you so much for inquiring about Painting Pretty Portraits. Before getting started, make sure the image you would like to be recreated is clear as possible. The better the picture quality, the better the painting. (Poor quality pictures will not be accepted).

If you are looking to get a painting done with more than one person, I am able to take separate pictures and merge them together. For example, if you want a painting with 3 people, and they don't have an actual picture together, as long as each picture is CLEAR, I am able to put the pictures together. (See the pictures above with 3 people in an angelic setting). To make sure the picture format is approved, I generate a mock-up first before painting the actual image. Due to the volume of portrait requests, there is a 4-5 week turn-around time. Please note that orders cannot and will not be rushed, especially during the Holiday season. 


Portraits start at $400 for a one person image on a 24x30 size canvas. Any additional person added is $300 per person. Pieces with 3 or more people will be on a 24x36 size canvas. Pieces that are larger then the said canvas sizes will have an additional charge. Extra details (like collage style requests and other intricate detail requests), will have an additional charge. 


Portraits deposit for a one person image painting is $150, there will be a $50 deposit increase per person added. Example below:

1 person deposit = $150

2 persons deposit = $200

3 persons deposit = $250

The balance is due once the painting is complete. 

I am here to answer any further questions you have!