Artist Bio

Painting the world pretty

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Wendy Medley is a Visual Artist and Small Business owner and operator of Painting Pretty, Inc which is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.


Having obtained her degrees in Elementary Education and Human Services, she soon realized that creating art was her passion. Following her career as a childcare director and property manager, Wendy began to paint houses part time in which Painting Pretty was formed. Since then, Wendy has become a full-time artist, traveling across the country painting interior and exterior designs for both residential and commercial spaces. While also specializing in oil and acrylic media, Wendy has been commissioned to create custom canvas pieces for well-known athletes as well as music artists. 


With a sWendy's goal is to paint the world pretty!

the Deeper picture

In a world of ups and downs, wins and loses, and in times of hope or in times of despair, there is always a deeper side to the story. The video message below is to  encourage someone to wait out the storm. Know that there is purpose in your pain. Painting Pretty didn't always feel pretty (lol), but that pain lead me to my purpose... and for that I am grateful.